CRC Global FAQ

CRC Global reviews your present telecommunication services to determine their cost effectiveness, then recommends and can implement cost-cutting procedures to eliminate future waste.

Frequently Asked Questions about our services:

Q. What if CRC recommends a cost savings that we are currently implementing?
A. There would be no fee for those. However, we request that you inform us of any cost-saving efforts you are currently pursuing, to avoid duplication.

Q. What if CRC makes a recommendation we do not wish to take advantage of?
A. There is no fee. Our fee is only for recommendations you approve for implementation.

Q. What if we take CRC's recommendations and implement them ourselves?
A. CRC maintains records of our written recommendations and we will invoice accordingly.

Q. How long does CRC's Cost Efficiency Analysis take to perform?
A. Depending on the size of your telecommunications environment, and the time taken to respond to our questions, we can make our recommendations from one to three months from signing our agreement.

Q. What effort does CRC require from our organization during your analysis?
A. We require very little of your time – just answers to a few questions before we submit our recommendations.

Q. What does CRC need to begin the Cost Efficiency Analysis?
1. A signed Cost Efficiency Analysis Agreement
2. Letter of Authorization
3. Complete copies of last month’s invoices

Q. After CRC has completed the Cost Efficiency Analysis and implemented the recommended cost-savings, are there any additional services available?
A. Yes. CRC can provide additional cost-reduction services. Please contact your CRC representative for more information.