The CRC Global Solution to the IRS Federal Excise Tax Notification

A 3% Refund with Interest

On May 25, 2006, the Internal Revenue Service advised that a tax credit can be taken on your company's 2006 Corporate Income Tax Return for specific Federal Excise Tax charges paid on telecommunication invoices.  The IRS conceded its dispute regarding the 3% Federal Excise Tax on long-distance service and will issue refunds to taxpayers for federal excise paid from March 1, 2003 through July 31, 2006.  This means you have an opportunity to recover up to 3% of your applicable voice, data and wireless phone bills, plus interest. Clients will be required to provide formal documentation for refunds and it is important to note that the notification sets out time-sensitive limitations for refund requests.

The CRC Global Difference

CRC Global has an established track record of successful settlements on behalf of our clients.  Using a proven FET process, CRC Global gathers, evaluates, submits and pursues critical settlement data.

An Experienced Claim Manager

This unprecedented opportunity will expire upon your corporate tax-filing deadline in 2007.  Many companies may not have the time or expertise to perform the necessary steps or have confidence in the accuracy in their credit being claimed.

It is recommended that companies act quickly, well before the deadline.  Workload bottlenecks are expected to occur late in 2006 and you must complete the necessary work by your tax return filing date in 2007.

Familiarity with carrier billing formats and reports will be crucial for timely preparation.  CRC Global has extensive experience dealing with carriers, a deep database of report history for current clients and expertise in providing estimated figures for missing, incomplete or ambiguous invoice data to meet IRS standards and scrutiny.  Past settlement performance is critical when considering your solution to FET.  Many vendors are filing claims with no history of success.

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