CRC Service Offerings

Silver Package - Strategic Mapping

Our proprietary Voice and Data Map is a detailed picture of your current telecommunications environment, and provides the framework for effective cost-saving strategies. It identifies the operation, location, and cost of every circuit and service in your network, and charts everything in an easy-to-use map.

This package includes:

  • A detailed digital map that is easy for your telecom department to use and update.
  • A single easy-to-use visual reference that eliminates the need to reference cumbersome phone bills from multiple vendors
  • A complete overview of your monthly voice and data costs in a single document
  • An inventory supplement of all facilities in your network

Cost: 3% of annual network spending being analyzed, which can be credited towards the CRC Global Gold or Platinum packages.

Gold Package - Strategic Savings Plan

In addition to mapping your current voice and data environment, CRC will map a recommended optimization plan, which will provide the highest level of telecom service at the lowest prices the market allows. This detailed strategic plan is graphically portrayed in our proprietary Before and After maps.

This package includes:

  • All mapping and inventory reports included with the Silver Package
  • Recommendations for optimizing your telecom configuration for maximum long-term savings
  • Identification of unused or underused trunks, circuits, lines, and services
  • Recommendations of new tariffs, telecom products and/or services that will make your system more efficient and cost-effective.
  • Recommendations for traffic studies

Cost: 5% of annual network being analyzed, which can be credited towards the CRC Global Platinum Package.

Platinum Package - Turnkey Savings Implementation

Even the best plan can only produce results if is properly implemented. That's why many of our clients choose us to convert our system recommendations into fully-realized cost savings.

This package includes:

  • All of the maps, inventory and recommendations from the Silver and Gold Packages
  • All necessary recommended studies (i.e. traffic, usage and tracking studies)
  • Implementation and overseeing all recommended changes approved by client
  • Interfacing directly with all vendors and service providers
  • Ensuring that changes are completed on-time, and without disruption to client's operation
  • Ensuring that billing is correct, and requested credits from vendors are received.

Cost: 20% of annual network spend being analyzed, which can be credited towards the CRC Global Platinum package. We have reduced pricing available for Platinum Package clients that have larger annual voice and data expenses that are being evaluated.

Contingency Fee Available

The Platinum Package is also available with our fee based upon Contingency, and has a sliding scale of billing tied directly to the total annual spend that is being analyzed in our project. This could include, voice, data, cell and internet. Please contact CRC or your National Account executive for more information.

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