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Our expert analysts manually perform a Cost Efficiency Analysis based on one month's telecom billing. This in-depth process analyzes and evaluates the efficiency of every circuit within your overall network. It provides the framework for our proprietary Voice and Data maps which pinpoint exactly where waste is accrued, cash is leeching out, and cost-saving changes can be made.

Our Cost Efficiency Analysis is performed on a contingency basis. You incur no costs until our recommendations have been approved and implemented, and you have successfully realized a savings on your telecommunications.

CRC’s Cost Efficiency Analysis includes:

Itemizing all services and fees you are paying for:

  • POTS lines
  • Trunk lines
  • Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Caller ID, sub accounts etc.
  • Point to Point circuits-for voice/data
  • Point to Point of Presence (POP) circuits
  • Mileage charges
  • Equipment charges
  • Erroneous services

Analysis of every service cost you are incurring:

  • How is the service being used?
  • Why is the service being used?
  • What is the service being used for?
  • Is the service cost effective?
  • Are there more cost effective services to replace it?
  • Are costs correct?

Evaulating alternative services to find the most cost effective options:

  • replace POTS lines with DID trunks to create savings
  • Provision T-1 with DID service to reduce costs
  • Consolidate hunt groups to eliminate POTS and create savings
  • Consolidate accounts to take advantage of deeper discounts
  • Eliminate erroneous charges

Recommending and implementing specific cost-cutting measures:

  • Identifying POTS lines that are not connected
  • Identifying trunk lines that are connected but not being accessed
  • Eliminating unnecessary call waiting, caller ID and other services
  • Reprogramming telephone system software to route calls over Point to Point circults
  • Implement discounted calling plans
  • Submitting claims and obtaining refunds for erroneous charges
  • Providing an in-depth color Telecom map detailing the location and operation of every circuit and service within your entire telecom network

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